• Take on winter in our new Toyota near Charlotte!


    Winter is coming, friends! We don’t see too many heavy snowfalls here at our NC Toyota dealership, but we do get our fair share of winter weather as the year comes to a close. Why not prep for it with a new Toyota near Charlotte? We have a huge inventory full of options that are incredible for taking on slick conditions and treacherous terrain this winter season, but which car – and which technology – is going to be best suited for the rest of your drive time needs? 

    Is your new Toyota near Charlotte suited for winter weather?

    At Toyota of N Charlotte, our inventory includes a huge variety of options. You’ll find cars, trucks, minivans, SUVs, and hybrids at amazing prices, and we know we can help you find a new Toyota near Charlotte that has the perfect combination of all the features you need. However, if winter weather is a valid concern of yours, what features should you be on the lookout for? Here are some of our suggestions! 

    What features do you want on your new Toyota to handle snowy roads? 

    Locking Rear Differential is always a good idea for your new Toyota near Charlotte if you’re going to be driving in snow. What exactly does this feature do, though? Basically, it makes sure that both of your rear wheels are getting the same amount of power (keeping them at the same speed). This helps to prevent you from sliding out or losing control in slippery condition. 

    Active Traction Control is also another feature you might want under your belt when you hit the road this winter. This feature senses when you’re on a low-friction surface (like ice or slush) and helps your new Toyota make the most of the traction available to it so you don’t lose control of your vehicle! 

    Vehicle Stability Control is also an exceptionally important feature to have in your new Toyota near Charlotte in the winter. It helps prevent skidding by reducing engine power AND applying brake force to the wheels that are losing control. It can also sense if the car is moving in the opposite direction of your steering and will pulse the brakes on that side of the car to help you regain control. 

    A V6 or V8 engine is always a good bet in winter weather as well! You’ll find that the power these engines offer will often help you take on trickier terrain – like slushy, muddy roads – and easily find your way out of what could be a sticky situation. 

    Anti-lock brakes are just one more handy feature you’d want on your new Toyota in N Charlotte during winter driving conditions. This technology prevents things from locking up when you hit your brakes because if that occurs, it more often than not leads to a loss of control and skidding out. Anti-lock brakes monitor all four of your wheels and pulses brake power to the ones that seem like they’re losing control until they’re back in sync with the other wheels! 

    Want to learn more about snow-ready features for your Toyota? Come on by today! We’re just off I-77 at exit 23 and we’re open seven days a week. Get ready for winter and let us help! 

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