• Do you know how to read your Charlotte used car history report?


    When it comes time to buy a used car in Charlotte, we understand why people get nervous. Unlike a new Toyota, pre-owned cars have histories and with those histories can come some issues. However, instead of worrying that you might wind up with an unreliable ride, why not take matters into your own hands? Our NC Toyota dealership is here to help! 

    What does a Charlotte used car history report provide? 

    Did you know that with each and every one of our Charlotte used cars we’ll provide a vehicle history report on request? That’s right! You can scope out your car’s past life, checking up on things like: 

    • Ownership
    • Accidents
    • Repairs and service
    • Available warranties
    • Mileage

    And more! CarFax vehicle history reports are a great way to take a closer look into the history of your vehicle and give yourself a little extra peace of mind. However, do you know how to interpret the reports once they’re in your hands? Toyota of N Charlotte has tips – read on to see how you can better understand where your used car has been and what it means! 

    Things to look out for in the history of a used car in Charlotte 

    Here are some of the things you should be on the lookout for when you pull a CarFax report on a Charlotte used car

    • A high number of owners. Chances are if your car has changed owners a lot, routine auto service wasn’t thoroughly addressed. Plus, you have to wonder why the car has changed hands so many times!
    • Damage or repairs. How much damage has the car had from auto accidents, and how was it addressed? Has the car had a lot of major repairs? Additionally, be on the lookout for any suspicious repairs that seem out of place – they may go hand-in-hand with an auto accidents that wasn’t reported. 
    • Service records. What auto service records are available on the NC used car? Did the car receive routine maintenance? Routine auto care is exceptionally important in giving a car a long life and a reliable performance – be on the lookout for owners who skipped maintenance! 
    • Location. Where a car is owned can also have an effect on it. Down in the South, extremely hot summers can take a toll on its parts, while winters in the North can have a negative effect from ice and the chemicals used to make the roads more drive-worthy. Have your vehicle of choice examined carefully based on where it was located! 
    • Make sure that the car you’re looking at matches the car on the report, too! Compare VIN numbers, mileage, and vehicle description to make sure you’ve been given an accurate CarFax Vehicle History Report! 

    Need a little extra peace of mind? You can always come down and check out our Charlotte Certified Used Cars for sale – these certified used vehicles come not only with vehicle history reports, but also with incredible warranties so you can rest easy! Visit us today; we’re just off I-77 at exit 23 in Huntersville! 

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