SPONSORED: Did you know that heat can be bad for your hybrid car battery?

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Summer can be pretty hard on your car. Your engine is working overtime to get you where you need to go while still staying cool, your tires are taking a beating on the hot pavement, your A/C is working its hardest to keep you cool inside the cabin… but did you know that if you drive a hybrid car, your car battery is also working overtime? Our Charlotte auto service experts are here to give you the ins and outs of exactly what heat can do to your hybrid car battery if you’re not careful. 

What can heat do to your hybrid car battery? 

Let’s talk about the basics of your hybrid car battery first. As noted, heat makes everything in your car work harder to maintain a performance baseline. In nickel-metal hydride batteries – the types found in N Charlotte Toyota hybrids – excessive heat can actually cause bubbling inside the battery, loss of electrolytes due to evaporation, and bulging of the battery case. In turn, the battery can’t hold its charge properly, nor can it recharge as needed. In short, this means your hybrid car battery’s life is shortened and it’ll need to be replaced sooner rather than later, which is no cheap feat. After all, hybrid car batteries can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000 to replace. Not to mention, all of this wear and tear on your battery will also reduce your N Charlotte Toyota’s fuel efficiency, costing you even more money.

So what can YOU do to help prevent heat damage to your N Charlotte Toyota hybrid car battery? Here are some quick tips from our auto service experts. 

  • Stay on top of your car care, firstly. This will give our Charlotte auto service techs the chance to check over your entire vehicle and spot any issues that might be developing so you can take care of them immediately.
  • Keep your car’s interior nice and cool. Sounds weird, but it works – your hybrid car battery isn’t under the hood, believe it or not. It’s actually located in the back, usually under the back passenger’s seats. Keeping the A/C blasting inside the cabin won’t just keep you cool; it’ll also help keep your battery cool.
  • Tint your windows. This is another great way to keep your car’s interior cooler for your battery, as well as protect you from UV rays and also guard against fading and sun damage to your interior. Putting a sunshade up in the windshield when you park can also help keep temps a bit lower inside the car’s cabin. 
  • Choose where you park with some careful thought. At home, park in a garage or under a carport if you can. When you’re out, parking under cover or in the shade is best, even if it’s just partial shade from trees. This will also help protect your car’s paint from sun damage. 

Keep your hybrid in good shape at Toyota of N Charlotte! 

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