SPONSORED: How to handle a car emergency on the highway

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Having a car emergency is a stressful situation no matter which way you look at it. Whether you get into an accident, get a flat tire, or have engine issues, it’s nerve-wracking to deal with… especially if you’re out on the highway. That’s why here at Toyota of N Charlotte we’ve taken the time to come up with a list of tips on how to handle a car emergency on the highway - read it before you hit the road.

Four tips for a car emergency on the highway

#1: Pull over. The first thing you should do on the highway when you have a car emergency is pull over. You want to get off the road and as far away from traffic as possible. Look for a spot on the shoulder that’s flat, far from the edge of the road, and if you’re driving at night, as well-lit as possible.

  • If you have to change a tire, your best bet is to try your hardest to get to the next exit. It’s dangerous to change a tire on the side of the road but if there’s no way around it, choose a spot that’s free from sand and mud and as level as possible.
  • Once you’ve pulled off the road, put your car in park, put on your emergency brake, and turn your wheels AWAY from the road. This way, if you’re hit from behind you’ll be pushed OFF the road instead of back into traffic.

#2: Make yourself and your vehicle as visible as possible. Now is the time to make your car as visible as possible. Turn on your hazard lights and headlights, use your road flares and triangles, and let other drivers know where you are. You can also call the police - they may not be able to get you back on the road, but they can park behind you and turn on their lights to give you added visibility.

#3: Get back in the car if you can. Once you’ve made your vehicle visible, get back inside of it. This is the safest place for you to be. Lock your doors while you figure out your next step.

#4: Call for help. Once you’re safely back inside of your car, it’s time to call for help. Whether you’re calling a friend to come to get you or a tow truck to retrieve your vehicle (or both), make the call so you can get off the side of the road as fast as possible.

Let Toyota of N Charlotte help you be ready for anything

Car emergencies are never fun, but Toyota of N Charlotte is here to help! Put together a car emergency kit in our Toyota parts department and ensure your ride is ready for anything at our Toyota service center. Our Charlotte auto care center is conveniently located just off I-77 at exit 23 in Huntersville!