SPONSORED: Six reasons you’re not getting the fuel efficiency you deserve

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Does it feel like your fuel efficiency is lacking lately? Are you having to stop at the gas station more frequently to fill up? If this is the case, then there could be something going on under the hood of your car that requires your attention. Toyota of N Charlotte is here to help; we sat down with our techs to talk about why your fuel efficiency may be lower than expected and when to bring it in to the professionals.

Why is your fuel efficiency so low?

When your fuel efficiency takes a hit, it’s almost always related to something going on under the hood of your car. Your fuel economy should stay pretty constant otherwise over the life of your car, so if you notice a change, it’s worth looking into. Here are six reasons your efficiency may drop.

#1: Your tires are underinflated. If your tires aren’t inflated to the proper PSI, then it can negatively impact your car’s fuel efficiency. Make sure you check them and compare the number to the PSI recommendation found in your owner’s manual or on the panel on the inside of the driver’s side door.

#2: Your filter is dirty. If your engine air filter is dirty, your car isn’t pulling in enough air. This can throw off the air-to-fuel ration under the hood and cause problems in your engine, as well as drop your fuel efficiency.

#3: Your exhaust system is having problems. You may have a problem with your exhaust system, ranging from your catalytic converter to your exhaust to your oxygen sensors. This likely isn’t something you can fix DIY-style, so bring your car to Toyota of N Charlotte to let our expert techs take a look at it.

#4: Your fuel system isn’t working properly. You could have an issue with your fuel pump or fuel injector if you notice lower fuel efficiency than normal. In this scenario, you’d need to have our techs take a look to ensure there’s nothing nefarious going on under the hood.

#5: You need new spark plugs. If you notice lower fuel efficiency in addition to misfiring or stalling, you might have a problem with your car’s spark plugs. It’s not difficult or expensive to replace them, and our N Charlotte Toyota service center is happy to help out.

#6: You need to swap your driving habits out. Your low fuel efficiency may not be coming from under the hood… it may also be coming from your bad driving habits. If you’re guilty of slamming on the gas and brakes to get around town, you might be burning more fuel than you should. Take things down a notch and accelerate and brake gently to get the most bang for your buck. 

Get your fuel efficiency back to normal at Toyota of N Charlotte

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