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The holidays are over, it’s a new year, we’re back to our routines… and just when you thought things were slowing down, it’s about to get busier than ever, at least on the roads. While holiday traffic can be bad around the actual holidays, like on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas, traffic this time of year is usually pretty light around town. However, as everyone slides back into their regular school and work routines, traffic picks back up and it can be a bit of a shock if you’re not ready for it. Check out these N Charlotte Toyota tips for taking on post-holiday traffic like a pro. 

Five tips for dealing with traffic after the holidays 

Tip #1: Give yourself a little cushion. You’re used to semi-empty roads, an easy commute, and less time behind the wheel… but now that everyone is back to business, things are about to get a whole lot busier. Give yourself extra time to get where you’re going after the holidays, as there will be a lot more people out on the road trying to adjust back to their everyday routine. Giving yourself cushion will help prevent you from speeding but still allow you to arrive on time. 

Tip #2: Remember to check traffic and weather. Check the traffic and weather BEFORE you leave the house. If there are delays on your normal route, you can try to find an alternate or at least give yourself a few extra minutes to get there on time. If nothing else, at least you won’t be surprised by a traffic jam. 

Tip #3: Be mindful of school zones. Remember that school is back in session so you have to watch out for school buses AND adjust your driving habits in school zones. Watch for pedestrians crossing, especially in crosswalks, and slow your speed to the one designated for the zone. Also, remember that you should never pass a stopped bus! 

Tip #4: Don’t engage in distracted driving. This rule applies anytime you’re behind the wheel (not just in post-holiday traffic), but it’s especially important as you adjust back to normal traffic volume. Put away your phone, eat your breakfast when you get to work, and do your grooming before you leave the house. You want your full attention on the road so you can react before an accident happens rather than as it’s happening. Hands on the wheel, eyes on the road. 

Tip #5: Try not to rage out. It’s frustrating, we know. As if it’s not enough to have to deal with the post-holiday blues and the cold, dreary weather that January can bring, you also have to deal with more traffic on the road again. But road rage serves no purpose other than to cause car accidents, so keep your cool when behind the wheel. 

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