SPONSORED: Toyota of N Charlotte’s guide to using cruise control

SPONSORED: Toyota of N Charlotte’s guide to using cruise control

You’re probably familiar with the cruise control feature in your car. Most drivers are - it’s pretty handy when you have to hit the highway and want to avoid fatigue and also boost your fuel economy. However, are you aware of how to SAFELY use it? Believe it or not, there are right and wrong ways to put this tool to use and Toyota of N Charlotte is here to give you the info you need. Check out our quick guide on cruise control below.

N Charlotte Toyota tips for using cruise control

Tip 1: Check the weather.

Did you know that it’s really only safe to use cruise control in dry conditions? You should never try to use this feature on roads that have experienced rain, sleet, snow, or ice. When you put the feature into play, you set your speed and then take your foot off the pedal… but that means you also lose an element of control. Roads that are icy or wet are tricky when it comes to retaining traction, so it’s best to avoid using cruise control and retain all of the control you can. This way you can react quickly should you need to get out of the way of another vehicle, bring your car to a sudden stop, or regain control if your tires slide out.

Tip 2: Consider your route.

What route are you taking to your final destination? If you’re hitting the highway, perfect - cruise control is best used in this setting. If you’re taking a suburban or urban route to get where you’re going, think again about using this feature. It’s designed to be used in areas where you can maintain a constant speed, and suburban/urban areas aren’t conducive to that. There are too many stop signs, stoplights, and pedestrians to maintain a constant speed and that makes using cruise control unsafe.

Tip 3: Examine your surroundings.

What are your surroundings on the road? Even if you’re not on the highway, it may still not be the ideal time to use your cruise control. You should only use this special feature if there aren’t a lot of other cars around you and the highway is traffic-free so you’ll be able to maintain that constant speed.

Tip 4: Consider the terrain.

It’s also best to avoid using cruise control when you’re driving in mountainous or hilly areas, or if your journey includes winding roads. When you set this feature, all it knows is that it’s to maintain a constant speed. It doesn’t realize that you actually need to slow down when going down a hill or slow your speed to take a sharp curve. You need to be in control in this type of terrain, so don’t put your car in charge.

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