SPONSORED: Which questions should you ask before auto repairs?

We know that no matter how amazing your auto repair technician is (like the techs we have here at Toyota of North Charlotte), bringing your car in for repairs can be scary. You never know how much it’s going to cost or if you’re going to be without a car for a length of time, and if you’re coming in after an accident and involving insurance, it can be even more stressful. However, we believe that the more you know, the less you stress. That’s why we’ve come up with a quick list of questions you should ask your auto repair tech before you start the car care process. Check it out!

Six questions you should ask your mechanic

Question #1: When will I get my car back?

One of the first questions you should ask your auto repair shop is when you’ll get your car back. How long will it take for repairs? They should be able to give you an estimate once they’ve inspected your car and this can help you determine whether or not you need a rental car.

Question #2: What is the typical process?

Ask what the process is from start to finish. Will they contact insurance for the repair money, or will you need to act as a go-between? Will they contact you about the progress of your car? How often? Make sure you get the details so you know what to expect and can sit back and relax until your Charlotte auto repairs are finished

Question #3: Which replacement parts will you use?

Ask which replacement parts will be put in your car. Here at Toyota of N Charlotte, we only use OEM Toyota parts to keep your car a Toyota. This helps keep resale value higher and also offers you a greater deal of reliability and performance. Make sure you ask which parts are being used and decide if you’re OK with aftermarket or used parts in your car if that’s the case.

Question #4: What types of warranties are available?

Always ask about warranties for both labor and parts when your auto repairs are all said and done. At Toyota of N Charlotte, our body shop offers both paint and workmanship warranties to give you added peace of mind when you leave our dealership.

Question #5: Can you help me find a rental car?

Ask if your auto repair shop can assist you in finding a rental car. At Toyota of N Charlotte, we partner with rental agencies to make your experience as stress-free as possible - ask our techs how we can help you find a temporary ride.

Question #6: Will I have a written record of the repairs?

It helps to have a written record of your car’s repairs when the process is over. You can reference your records for any future issues, and they’ll also be helpful to new owners if you sell your car down the road.

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