• Prep your car for a storm with tips from Toyota of N Charlotte


    Toyota of N Charlotte's tips: Prep your new Toyota for a storm!

    Hurricane Sandy has swept up the East Coast, bringing high winds and widespread flooding to states along the Atlantic. We’ve all seen the pictures of cars up to their windshield in water, and Toyota of N Charlotte knows just how costly and stressful flood damage can be – not to mention the repercussions that arise if debris hits your car. Hurricane season might be drawing to an end, but why not get ready proactively for next year, and learn how to protect your N Charlotte Toyota or Scion? Toyota of N Charlotte’s Collision Center has tips to keep your vehicle safe in the face of bad weather! 

    First of all, if you can find a place to park your Toyota in N Charlotte that’s under cover, do so. Clean out your garage or carport and make use of it. Many towns and cities offer covered parking in garages for free during hurricanes and snow storms, so do your research and take advantage of these spots. It’ll save your car from getting hit with debris in high winds, and upper level parking may save your N Charlotte Toyota from flood damage! However, not everyone can take advantage of covered parking during a storm – if not, Toyota of N Charlotte has tips for you, too! 

    Move your new Toyota in N Charlotte to higher ground

    If you can’t put your Toyota in N Charlotte in a garage, then you’ll need to move it to higher ground. When we say higher, we mean HIGHER. Remember, storm surge can go a lot farther and higher than you think, so move inland and up. Try to pick a spot that’s clear of trees or items that can become debris if the wind grabs them to minimize damage to your Toyota near Charlotte! You can tape your car windows with duct tape x’s – although it won’t keep the glass from breaking, it will make clean up easier if breakage does occur. Also, you may want to consider covering your N Charlotte Toyota with a car cover, as it can keep smaller debris, sand and gravel from scratching the paint in high winds. Don’t forget to remove exterior items like magnets and antennas so they don’t turn into projectiles! 

    Before you leave your car, make sure it has a full tank of gas – it may be hard to find fuel in the aftermath of a storm. Fill up your N Charlotte Toyota and ensure it’s running smoothly, and then remove all your important documents and personal effects from the car. Make sure that you’re up to date on your insurance coverage, and educate yourself on exactly what your policy will cover in terms of damage! Finally, stay on top of the storm’s movements. It may seem silly, but preparation is everything! 

    Get after-car auto repair in Charlotte!

    If you do get stuck in a bad storm and sustain damage to your car, don’t fret – Toyota of N Charlotte has a full-service auto body repair shop in Charlotte for all of your auto repair needs! We offer everything from new paint to collision repair, and we strive to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. You can give us a call at (888) 732-5310, or drop by our N Charlotte Toyota dealership just off I-77. We’ll get you back on the road in no time! Be proactive about bad weather, and take care of your new Toyota near Charlotte!