SPONSORED: Which tire traction devices should you put on your car?

SPONSORED: Which tire traction devices should you put on your car?

Are you ready for winter weather? Although Charlotte doesn’t see too much of the harsh weather that our neighbors up north have to deal with, we do get our fair share of driving in the snow and ice when the temperatures drop. And we know that with the holidays approaching, many of our customers will be hitting the road and heading north to see family and friends for seasonal celebrations. Is your car ready to brave the cold?

Toyota of N Charlotte helps you tackle driving in winter weather

One thing you have to think about when taking your vehicle into climates with snow and ice is tire traction devices, especially if the snow is thick or slushy. Luckily for you, our Charlotte Toyota parts store is here to break down four different options so you can choose the right tire traction devices for your ride and hit the highway safely this holiday season.

4 types of tire traction devices

1. Tire chains

Tire chains are exactly what their name suggests – chains that wrap around your tires to dig into snow and give you more traction and better grip. They’re the most popular type of tire traction devices and also the most readily available if you’re shopping. Our Charlotte Toyota parts store can help you find the right ones for your car!

2. Tire spikes

Tire spikes are an alternative to tire chains that are a little bit sleeker looking if you’re worried about how tire traction devices are going to fit in with your car’s looks. These spikes are a single piece that attach to the front face of the tire; they work like tire chains to dig into snow or slush and give you traction so you can easily get going.

3. Auto Socks

Auto Socks are a new technology that uses textiles – similar to tire chains, these devices wrap around your car’s tires to give you a better grip on the road both when you’re accelerating from stop and also when your car is in motion.

4. GoClaws

GoClaws are similar to tire spikes except they fasten onto your car’s tires with straps that attach to the “corners” of your tires. They work in the same fashion, using spikes to dig into the snow and give you traction.

It also doesn’t hurt to have tire traction mats in your car when heading into thick snow or icy conditions. These mats won’t help you when your car is in motion, but they can be placed in front of your car’s tires to help give them enough grip to get you moving when you’re stuck in snow, slush, or mud.

Have more questions about tire traction devices? Call Toyota of N Charlotte! Our parts store is happy to help you find the right ones for your ride this winter before you hit the highway. We’re open seven days a week at (704) 659-2025!

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