• How to report closings and delays via telephone


    You may also enter closings and delays via telephone.

    1. Dial 704-335-4939.
    2. When prompted, enter your ID number (followed by the # sign) and your password (followed by the # sign).
    3. You will hear your organization’s current status (in general, this will be “open”).
    4. To report a closing or delay, press 1.  If you are announcing a delayed opening or early closing, you will be asked to enter the specific time.
    5. To choose from one of our more than 40 “special status codes” (specialized options for churches, schools, day cares, and businesses), press 2.  For a complete list, click here.

    • You may choose to announce a closing/delay (press 1) and also use a special status code (press 2) in the same call.  Simply follow the automated prompts.

    6. The system will play back the announcement(s) that you have selected.  If you are not satisfied, simply enter new announcements.  When you are satisfied with your announcement, press 9 to end the call.

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    How to report closings and delays via telephone