• FORECAST: Storms in the tropics could affect weather in Carolinas

    By: John Ahrens


    MONDAY: A front arrives late Monday into Tuesday, which will bring a better chance for storms, some of which could be strong to severe.

    Rain chances will increase on Monday as a cool front approaches. That front will play a critical role in the evolution of a storm that is moving into the Gulf of Mexico.

    Thunderstorms will likely develop in our region mainly after 4 p.m.

    THIS WEEK: We continue to monitor the tropics and the increased threat of rain this week as a result of the cold front.

    Temperatures will be in the mid-80s on Tuesday and Wednesday.

    A small storm chance will stick around through the end of the workweek.

    We are also watching the tropics closely. There is an area of low pressure developing close to the Yucatan Peninsula. This has a 40 percent chance of tropical development over the next few days. It's too early to say where this will go, but some of the models take it to the southeast. 

    As of now, it does not look as if the storm will affect Charlotte, but it could throw some tropical moisture south of us. 

    The storm will be strengthening well down in the Gulf and it will likely get a name at some point on Monday or Tuesday.

    It is possible the storm could move into the New Orleans area and lose steam as it encounters our cold front. In this scenario, we could get waves of heavy rain through much of the week.

    The heavy rain could also move completely west into Texas, however, and not have much of an impact in the Carolinas.

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