• Action 9: Woman spent a year trying to get contractor to fix his bad work

    By: Don Griffin


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A woman said she spent nearly a year trying to get her contractor to fix the bad work he did on her new patio.

    Out of options and fed up, she turned to Action 9 for help, and now she has advice for homeowners in the same dilemma.

    Paulette Robinson likes cooking out on her new $6,000 patio, but said there are reminders of the contractor's sub-par work, like cracked concrete.

    "Now the crack has spread over the concrete and I know they're going to continue to get bigger," said Robinson.

    Robinson also said Premier Builders took down the wall light in order to wire new motion lights and never rehung it.

    "We wanted this back up because we need outside lighting," said Robinson.

    Robinson complains one of her motion lights flickers on and off. She said she has called Premier many times in the past year.

    "It feels like they just won't respond, they don't care," said Robinson.

    Premier Builders has a history of not responding to customers. The company has an F rating with the BBB and eight unanswered complaints.

    In a recent story, it took Action 9 getting involved for them to move a homeowner's fence off her neighbor's property after they installed it incorrectly.

    Action 9 sent Premier an email about Robinson's problem and got them going.

    "Well, they did a good job and finally completed it," said Robinson.

    Robinson's happy they re-poured the concrete and fixed her lights, but after her experience, she offers this advice, "Do your research before you hire them."

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