Students arrested for releasing chickens in high school prank


LINCOLN COUNTY, N.C. - Seven students from a Lincoln County High School were arrested for a senior prank Friday.

Police said seven students broke into Lincolnton High School early Friday morning.

Students told Channel 9 their plan was to release live chickens inside the halls to greet other students and staff as they arrived for class.

Investigators said they set off an alarm at the school, and they were all caught in the act by responding officers.

A juvenile prank has now led to adult charges of breaking and entering and injury to property.

Those involved told Channel 9 all seven were suspended, and six seniors cannot walk during their graduation ceremony.

“I think that’s a little excessive, it’s a senior prank,” said Derrick Zurline who graduated from the high school. “They worked hard to graduate. Especially if they got good grades, let them walk.”

Landon Demers, 15, understands the serious nature of what happened, but wants to know more about the damage to the building.

“So if its serious it’s understandable, but if it’s minor stuff that the chickens caused then they should be reasonable,” Demers said.

Police did press charges. All students will appear in Lincoln County District Court on June 19.

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