Learn how to face your car overheating!

What causes car overheating? 

  • Leaks in your coolant system, including hoses, or blocked coolant passages
  • A bad thermostat 
  • A radiator that no longer functions in full capacity 
  • A bad water pump
  • The wrong type of coolant or the wrong concentration 

Our Charlotte Toyota service has tips on how to deal with an overheated car 

  • Make sure you pull over safely, and as quickly as you can. The longer you let car overheating go, the more damage can be done! Look for a gas station or parking lot so you can safely come to a spot and not have to deal with traffic on the road. 
  • Your first instinct will be to pull the hood open, but do yourself a favor and wait… especially if you see steam coming out from under the hood. Things are going to be hot under there, so you should let them cool down a bit before you pop the hood. This also applies to your radiator cap – you can be severely burned if you open it too soon! 
  • The next step to take when facing a car overheating is to check your coolant levels. How does the tank look? If it's low, add coolant and get your car into Toyota of N Charlotte ASAP. Our auto service techs can check for a leak in the system to see why the levels are so low!