• NC transgender law supporters, opponents to rally at state Capitol

    By: DaShawn Brown , Liz Foster


    RALEIGH, N.C. - Two rallies were being held at the Capitol building in Raleigh Monday -- both for and against the controversial law.

    Starting at 9 a.m. clergy members stood against HB2 and voiced the need for non-discrimination protections for the LGBT community in North Carolina.

    At noon, members of the Keep N.C. Safe Coalition gathered on the Capitol lawn in support of McCrory and the non-discrimination law. It comes while vocal national opposition to the law continues.

    Reporter Liz Foster will have more on Monday's events surrounding HB2, on Eyewitness News at 5 p.m.

    Business executives are urging Gov. Pat McCrory and legislators to repeal the law, Bruce Springsteen canceled his Greensboro concert Sunday because of the law.

    Scheduled speakers include the Benham Brothers, Christian author Frank Turek, and Pentecostal minister Bishop Harry Jackson.

    Supporters say the law protects women and children from men who use the law as a pretense to enter the wrong restroom. The law also limits other anti-discrimination protections for the LGBT community.

    Channel 9 spoke with Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts about the continued fallout and economic impact of the state's new and controversial non-discrimination law.

    The city’s tourism sources told Eyewitness News that at least four groups have canceled events and that nine other groups were in talks, but have now decided not to come to Charlotte.

    Almost 30 more, including associations, sporting events or corporate events, are on the fence because of the law.

    House Bill 2 is also having an impact on local hotels.

    For just those four confirmed events that canceled, more than $1,000 nights booked are now gone.

    Roberts said the Queen City will continue to be welcoming and inclusive to all people.


    Dems put LGBT leader in Legislature after transgender law

    When North Carolina legislators convene for a short session April 25, they'll meet with a new voice in the room.

    On Saturday, Guilford County Democrats named LGBT rights advocate Chris Sgro to the General Assembly, a temporary appointment following the death of Rep. Ralph Johnson of District 58.

    Sgro, who would become the only open LGBT member currently serving on the Legislature, would assume the role at a time when much of the spotlight on the state revolves around House Bill 2.  

    The state prevents cities and counties from extending nondiscrimination rights to lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people.

    Gov. Pat McCrory said he signed the bill because the privacy and safety of children were his top priorities. He said he would be open to minor changes.

    Sgro named the full repeal of House Bill 2 among his top priorities.

    "The governor and NCGA leadership passed the worst anti-LGBT piece of legislation in the entire country back a couple weeks ago," he said.

    "They did it without a single voice of the community that would be most impacted."

    The Equality NC executive director was appointed to serve through January.

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