• Christmas lights for the memories


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - To the average onlooker, a home that is decked out in holiday decor may seem like a well-dressed home that is owned by a Christmas enthusiast, but to Deborah Head it is much more.

    "I did it several years ago, and I always add more and more lights every year," said Head.

    Head decorates her house with over 3,200 Christmas lights each year, adding more as time goes on, to honor two people who played a vital role in her life.

    "I do it in honor of my mom and my dad," said Head, "because my mom and dad loved Christmas lights, and I do, too."

    Head's parents passed away several years ago, and now she honors their memory on Christmas by decorating her house for the holidays with the colors that her parents used to love.

    She admitted she typically uses blue lights because that was her mother's favorite light color and that she will use some red here and there because it is her preferred color.

    Head believes that the lights do not only help her remember her parents, but that they helps other people, too.

    She said many people stop by her house to see her lights and are always waiting to see what the next holiday season brings to her estate.

    "I like to bring peace and joy to everyone. It gives me a thrill when people come by to see my lights," said Head.

    She said the planning period for her holiday lights is quite extensive and that she really has to think about the Christmas season early on.

    "I usually decorate in September or October because it takes a really long time. I add lights every year because I like it to look different every year. I even draw up sketches of what I want it all to look like," said Head.

    Head said she hopes more people come out to see her Christmas lights this year because it is something that is very near and dear to her heart.

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    Christmas lights for the memories