The team at Cox Media Group Charlotte offers best-in-class advertising solutions that engage consumers and grow businesses. 

Our team, in cooperation with 9/64 Creative and Cox Media Group Local Solutions, creates research-based solutions that are driven by data and analytics to deliver results for our clients across all platforms of television and digital. Local marketing advertising solutions offered by CMG Charlotte include television campaigns on WSOC, WAXN & Telemundo Charlotte, creative production (on-air and online) as well as full digital agency services including Targeted Display, Connected Video & One Search. 

With digital expertise and innovative technology, we help you get noticed by your target audience, be found online everywhere consumers are searching and convert shoppers into customers. To see our full digital capabilities, please visit: 

We've been in the media business for over 100 years, and we know a successful media strategy isn't about us. It's about connecting your business with your target consumer through a strategic marketing plan and delivering compelling messaging that drives them to action. It's about understanding their personal journey and influencing them in the moments that matter. 

We are ready to help clients throughout the 22-County Charlotte DMA with our on-air solutions and anywhere in the country through our extensive and best in class digital agency services. We look forward to working with you to grow your business!

For information on how we can assist you with your advertising needs and plans on WSOC-TV and WAXN TV64, Telemundo Charlotte, and BEYOND, please contact:

Rich Engberg – Director of Sales, WSOC:

Tim Perry – General Sales Manager, WAXN & Telemundo:

Ann Marie Young – Local Sales Manager, WSOC & Telemundo:

Vanessa Younger – Local Sales Manager, WAXN & Telemundo:

Amanda Cooper – Digital Sales Manager:

To contact all, please email: or fill out the form below.