• Action 9: Man says home warranty company hesitated in reimbursement

    By: Don Griffin


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Mackie Ashe had no trouble getting his insurance company to replace his hail- and wind-damaged roof in February.

    The problem was with his warranty company, Signature Home Protection.

    "This book is the book that has the breakdown of what they would pay," Ashe said.

    Ashe took out the Signature Home Policy 14 years ago to reimburse his $500 homeowner's deductible on claims.

    He said he sent signature the paperwork twice and they misplaced it. Then he sent it certified mail.

    "We called them and they said it's going to take them six weeks to look over the claim and we never heard from them," Ashe said.

    After paying signature $1,600 in premiums over 14 years, Ashe said he's upset the company is dragging its feet.

    "I feel very dejected by them not doing what they said they was going to do," he said.
    After Action 9 got in touch with Signature Home Protection, they sent Ashe his $500 reimbursement check.

    Consumer groups warn homeowners buying a warranty they may not get what they're promised.

    They said the first step is to decide if you really need a home warranty.

    "Leave them alone or do your investigation, research real good before you put your name on dotted line," Ashe said.

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