Action 9: Residents Of Charlotte Apartment Complex Report Mold Problem

None — A woman living in a west Charlotte apartment complex said a mold problem became so bad that she couldn't stay there.

Kyadra Wheeler showed Action 9's Don Griffin the mold, which was growing on the wall behind her refrigerator and even in her carpet.

"(It's) all the way around the carpet," she said. "(There is) mildew and ain't no telling what else is up under (there)."

Wheeler said her two young children have gotten sick because of the mold. She said she asked management at the Village of Buena Vista Apartments to let her out of her lease so she could move, but they refused.

Wheeler said she thinks some of the mold is stemming from a broken pipe that the maintenance staff has fixed three times.

Other complex residents also reported having problems with mold.

Action 9 contacted Robin Scott, the complex's general manager. Scott said the staff is working with the city's Code Enforcement department to correct problems inside a number of apartments.

According to Code Enforcement, 17 tenants of the complex have complained about mold. The department has given the owner 60 days to correct the problems.

After Action 9's contact, Wheeler and another tenant were allowed to break their leases and get partial refunds of their deposits.

"It makes me feel excited," Wheeler said. "I'm glad. Now, I can get my money and move to a house that's livable."

Anyone who lives in an apartment in Charlotte and has mold problems can call the city's 311 operator, who will then report the problem to Code Enforcement.