• Action 9: Cable company refused to honor promotion, couple says

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A Steele Creek couple turned to Action 9 after they said their cable company refused to honor a promotional offer, stiffing them out of hundreds of dollars.

    Stephanie Smith wanted to switch to Autopay and asked Time Warner Cable -- now Spectrum -- if she should still send a check. 

    "They specifically said, 'No don't,'" Smith said. 

    She said the company promised her that Autopay would cover that bill, but it didn't. It caused the Smiths to miss a payment and that meant they were no longer eligible for a $300 gift card they were counting on. 

    "Enraged and defeated at that point," Smith said.

    She said they complained repeatedly. 

    "It was so frustrating. They would just push and push and push and just hope that you went away is what it seemed like. Hopefully you would just give up and say, 'I'm done,'" Smith said.

    But they weren't giving up. 

    "I told my husband, I'm like, 'I'm calling Action 9,'" she said. "We're going to see if someone else can do something about it and you guys did."

    When Stoogenke got in touch with Spectrum, the company didn't explain what the problem was, but took care of it right away and sent the Smiths their $300 gift card. 

    "While I appreciate the fact that they had changed their attitude toward us, just utterly and completely frustrated that we were stonewalled at every turn," Smith said. 

    Any time a customer service representative makes you a promise, demand proof in writing or if you have to, put that call on speaker and record it.  

    "Short of it recording it and playing it back to them, they weren't going to budge," Smith said.

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