6-year-old North Carolina girl dies three days after flu diagnosis

CARY, N.C. — A 6-year-old Wake County girl is the latest person in the state to die from the flu.

In most cases, information about her would not be released because of privacy laws, but her parents want people to know her story.

Emily Muth was diagnosed with the flu last Tuesday.

Her parents took her to an urgent care, where a doctor prescribed Tamiflu and sent her home.

Her health briefly improved, then drastically worsened. She died Friday.

Emily Muth was diagnosed with the flu last Tuesday and died three days later. (WSOCTV.com)

Emily had not gotten a flu shot, and her parents want to warn others to get the shot if they have not already.

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“Cherish every single moment you have with your kids because it can be taken away in an instant,” said Rhonda Muth. “This happened from Tuesday to Friday, so three and a half days. The flu is nothing to mess with.”

The Muths are now making plans for their two sons to get their flu shots.

Flu Deaths Doubled in South Carolina Compared To Last Season

So far this season, 43 people have died from the flu in North Carolina. In South Carolina, that number is at 24, including nine just last week.

At least 30 children have died this year from the flu nationwide.

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