• Action 9: Couple says to do your research when hiring movers

    By: Don Griffin


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Jodie and Timothy Pergola moved into a condo in June, but said Caldwell Movers damaged their furniture.

    "Look at this huge hole. The bannister went through it."

    The couple pointed out their dining room table where the movers ripped it off when he was trying to take it apart.

    "He kept saying, 'No problem, no problem. I can fix it. I am going to come back and fix it,' but he never did," said Jodie Pergola.

    Jodie Pergola said owner Calvin Caldwell did not finish moving all of her belongings from her four-bedroom house. That was after she paid him all the money, $500 upfront.

    It was one of several mistakes she made.

    "First of all was, (I didn't) get a written contract. I gave him the full amount before the move was done in cash," said Jodie Pergola.

    She did not check whether Caldwell was licensed and insured either.

    When Jodie Pergola complained, he sent a text promising to return some of her money, but didn't.

    On the phone Caldwell told Action 9 that Jodie wanted more than she paid for and that he took a loss on the job, but after Action 9 talked he said to make her happy he would give her $350 of her money back and did.

    Jodie Pergola said when hiring movers do your research.

    "Make sure they are not only reputable, but if they tell me they have insurance they actually do have it," said Jodie Pergola.

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    Action 9: Couple says to do your research when hiring movers