• Billy Graham's son talks of his father's political views

    By: Blair Miller


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Just days before Rev. Billy Graham's 95th birthday, his son talked politics with Channel 9.

    Franklin Graham shared why the reverend has been so outspoken on controversial issues.
    "God's not politically correct," Franklin Graham said.

    Billy Graham has been a lifelong Democrat, but he's also gained attention for his comments aimed at lawmakers and voters.

    Franklin Graham said when he visits with his father, politics often come up.

    In recent years, Billy Graham has gained attention for his political statements including his support for Mitt Romney in last year's presidential election and his stance against same-sex marriage. Channel 9's Blair Miller asked Franklin Graham if the statements came from his father or from him.

    "Well they certainly came from him and they came from me too," Franklin Graham said.

    As Billy Graham continues his message in a new film out next month, his son is aware of those under 30 who don't even know who his father is.

    "It's true," Franklin Graham said. "But we're going to keep taking this message of God's love to the world as long as we have the ability to do that."

    Billy Graham has a Facebook page with more than 1 million likes to spread his message.

    "He gets it. He's been a great supporter of using the latest technology to communicate the oldest message on the face of this earth," Franklin Graham said.

    As Billy Graham prepares to turn 95, his son said the evangelist is at peace, facing the final chapter of his life.

    As for Billy Graham's health, his son describes his condition as alright and says he has some issues from time to time.

    However, he also says his dad is mentally clear and sharp.

    "I've heard him say he's not scared of death. It's the dying part he's not too excited about, you know? I think that's probably true for all of us. But yes, is he ready? Absolutely," Franklin Graham said.

    Watch Blair Miller's previous interview with Franklin Graham here.

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