• Boy with brittle bone disease to receive new safety chair next week


    TEGA CAY, S.C. - After the outpouring of support a little boy with brittle bone disease received, he is now just a few days away from receiving the chair he desperately needs.

    Organizers held a fundraiser last week for Conner Goldhammer, the 4-year-old from Tega Cay who has suffered more than 100 fractures in his short life.

    It doesn't even take a hard fall to severely injure him. His mother Denise said he even had broken bones in the womb.

    It’s a specialized chair that’s designed to keep him secure at the breakfast table and at other times.

    Representatives of the family describe it has a mechanism that allows him to can lean over the sink and wash his hands. It’s counterbalanced so that he won’t fall out and hit his head.

    IMAGES: Conner Goldhammer

    On Friday, the Toast Cafe in Tega Cay hosted a fundraiser to buy the special chair for Conner.

    A group called All Things Possible Ministries helped organize the event, which raised more than $12,000.

    The organizer of the group said Conner’s chair is expected to arrive sometime next week.

    Conner’s mom Denise has been getting lots of calls and offers with one person is even offering to help purchase a van that’s wheelchair accessible.

    Conner started pre-school this week and according to the Conners Care Facebook page, he broke a rib sneezing on his first day.

    IMAGES: Conner starts pre-school

    He was back at pre-school Tuesday after feeling better.


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    Boy with brittle bone disease to receive new wheelchair

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