Charlotte City Club reopens with special technology that claims to neutralize virus

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The dining experience looks a little different these days -- from temperature checks when you walk in, to hand sanitizer and scannable menus at your table.

The Charlotte City Club, a private club in uptown with around 1,000 members, reopened July 1. Right now, they’re only doing an indoor dinner service.

The club’s general manager, John Scharer, said, “Normally, all the time, we do many rehearsal receptions, business receptions. Right now we are very restricted on what we can do because of the mandates are in place.”

Scharer said one of the biggest changes they made was the installation of needlepoint bi-polar ionization. This is how it works: Ions in the air travel through the HVAC system. The company claims it continuously disables and kills particles and pathogens.

Charlotte-based Global Plasma Solutions has been installing this throughout the country, including the White House. In our area, you can find their technology at Charlotte Douglas Airport, Novant Health and Cabarrus County Schools. The company said their product will be at more locations in the coming months.

Last week, Global Plasma Solutions said it conducted a lab study on the needlepoint bi-polar ionization technology. The test mimicked conditions of a commercial airline’s main body, which is where passengers, crew member and cargo would be. Within 30 minutes, the test found there was a 99.4% reduction rate of the COVID-19 strain.

Due to its popularity and effectiveness, that’s why even private clubs are using it.

“This just takes it to a whole new level. We wanted to create the safest possible environment as possible for our members, guests and staff,” Scharer said.

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