Charlotte community reacts to possible war crimes in Ukraine

CHARLOTTE — While Ukrainian forces are showing signs of victory after liberating Kyiv as Russia’s army retreats, we are now seeing the true nature of the war.

More than 400 innocent civilians have been killed. Some of the victims were found in mass graves, while others were found scattered in the streets, according to national reports.

Ukrainian authorities compared the city to scenes from a horror movie.

“Bucha massacre is the most outrageous atrocity of the 21st century,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said. “But we should not forget about the other towns and villages in the Kyiv region, which also became the crime scene of the Russian army.”

Support for the people of Ukraine is pouring in from all over the world, including here in Charlotte.

Channel 9′s Glenn Counts joined hundreds of people Sunday afternoon as they came together for a rally in Romare Bearden Park.

Counts said a lot of people who attended the rally have family members who are still in Ukraine.

Some said that they had not spoken to members of their family in weeks.

Margarita Osadcha told Counts that she moved from Mariupol to Charlotte as a student and currently works for Wells Fargo.

“I’m here but at the same time, my soul is there. It’s my home and I go back all the time,” Osadcha said.

Ralliers told Counts that when they saw the pictures that were coming out of Bucha, it sent chills down their spines.

“I actually saw my home and it’s been burned down,” Osadcha said. “So I don’t have a home. At this point, you don’t know whether they are alive or dead? I don’t know. It’s a very numbing feeling. It feels like a part of me is being ripped out.”

Andy Gritsay told Channel 9 that he had just lost his cousin who was fighting on the front lines.

“It’s very sad. My family in Ukraine is mourning right now,” Gritsay said.

Gritsay said no one should be surprised by the brutal tactics of the Russians.

“I’m having a hard time believing what I’m seeing,” Gritsay said. “It should not be happening in the 21st century. The atrocities are just beyond human comprehension.”

Many of the participants said they believe the news of these war crimes should motivate the West to do even more to help Ukraine defeat the Russians.

(WATCH BELOW: Images of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

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