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Glenn’s broadcasting career goes back more than 35 years. He started in the radio business at a small daytime station in Midland, Texas, and ran a one-man news department. From there Glenn was hired as a news reporter at the local NBC affiliate where he did news, sports and photography. From there he moved to the NBC affiliate in Richmond, Virginia where he worked for a few months before he got an offer to go to WLOS in Asheville. Glenn was then able to put salt on half of the crackers he ate for dinner each night. He worked in the Greenville Bureau for four years and then moved to Dallas, Texas and got a job as a news reporter/sports producer for KRLD-TV. About 10 months later, Glenn got a job at WKFT-TV in Raleigh, where he served as anchor, reporter and interim news director. From there, he went to WCNC in Charlotte where I’ve been for the last 27 years before joining WSOC-TV in April 2017.

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