• City ordinance won't allow giant American flag to be flown over Statesville Camping World

    By: Tina Terry


    STATESVILLE, N.C. - A debate over a gigantic American flag is brewing in Statesville.

    The flags are a signature of the company Camping World, but the CEO said the city has banned them from flying at their store.

    The gigantic flag flies high above many of its stores, including the one in Concord. It’s a patriotic display drivers can see from miles away.

    However, city leaders in Statesville said, “No,” in 2015, when asked if that same flag could be added to the Statesville store.



    A city ordinance limits the height of flagpoles to just 40 feet. 

    Flags can’t be larger than 8 by 12. The Camping World flagpole would have been 130 feet tall with a 40 by 80-foot flag.

    “I don’t' think it makes a difference how big it is. (It’s) not hurting anything,” said Statesville resident Junior Riddle.

    The company’s CEO took to Twitter this past weekend blasting Statesville and nearly a dozen other cities that won’t’ allow the flag. 

    He even asked the public to help change the ordinance. 

    City leaders said, as of now, Camping World has not made another official request regarding the flag.

    A company spokesperson sent the following email clarifying the variance process:

    “Once a variance has been denied, the applicant has 30 days to appeal to the State Superior Court. 

    “According to the North Carolina Institute of Government, when it comes to rehearings, a board may not hear a quasi-judicial case, which this is, a second time. 

    “Evidence is presented the first time at the initial hearing. Appeals of the initial decision are made to the courts, not back to the board.

    “If there is a substantially different application, or there has been a significant change of conditions on the site or in the ordinance, a new hearing may be held.”

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