‘Come together again and heal’: Local voters react to Biden, Harris’ victory

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In Charlotte, reaction was almost immediate after Joe Biden was projected to be the president-elect and Kamala Harris, the vice president-elect.

Some people took to the streets in celebration on Saturday, while others expressed concern about the future direction of the country.

Channel 9′s Genevieve Curtis was in uptown all day seeing how people are marking this historic day.

From a Biden-Harris flag rolling through NoDa to horns blaring and cheering in the streets of the city, many voters were celebrating; but another thing people are saying they feel is relief.

“I have not felt this kind of relief about our country in four years, so I am over the moon today,” said voter Emma Transou.

“It’s a feeling of relief. I think he is going to go to the presidency and tackle the coronavirus,” voter Roderick Joins said.

But for others, there is concern. A record number of voters went to the polls. At the same time, a record number of people aren’t happy with the results.

Kyle Jenkins is worried the country could move closer to socialism.

“We’re not going to scream in the streets, we’re not going to cry, we are going to dust ourselves off. We are going to work hard to make sure our policies are implemented,” Jenkins said.

Others feel the process of voting during a pandemic, with more mail-in ballots and a slow count, created a deeper division.

“I feel like there’s such distrust in the way things have been handled and perceptions and misinterpretations. It’s going to make more of a problem down the road no matter who’s president," said voter Maria Thompson.

Other people will remember this day as the day a Black and South Asian woman was elected Vice President.

“It really opens more opportunity for women,” a mother said.

And while many are celebrating, Channel 9 also asked Charlotte residents, in these divided times, how can the nation move closer to being united once more?

“It feels good to already see the unity. Hopefully we can build on that,” Joins said.

“I think it’s going to take lot of work. I think it will take a lot of compromise,” said Lexi, a voter.

“I guess my greatest hope is that country can start to come together again and heal,” said Don Logan, from Fort Mill.

Channel 9 also asked voters how they feel about recounts and potential lawsuits, and people on both sides said they don’t think it will change the outcome.

“We wish President-elect Biden the best,” a President Donald Trump supporter said.