Convicted murderer bonds out of jail same day after allegedly attacking 80-year-old woman

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The man who was charged for attacking an 80-year-old woman on Sept. 24 in south Charlotte bonded out of jail the same day.

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The attacker, Jamie Harris, served more than 10 years in prison after a 2007 second-degree murder conviction, officials said.

Harris attacked Elizabeth Malcomb, who is disabled, as she was leaving physical therapy on Randolph Road.

Harris dragged Malcomb to the ground, then stole her purse. She had a black eye and broken bone in her face because of the violent attack.

[Police arrest man who allegedly attacked 80-year-old woman]

Harris was arrested days later when he used her credit card.

Malcomb said she is very frustrated.

“I’ve become very disgruntled and saddened that our criminal justice system,” Malcomb said. “(It) doesn’t have teeth in it.”

Harris was charged with larceny to a person, which is why his bond was only $5,000.

Marcus Philemon, with CharMeck Court Watch, believes Malcomb’s age and disability should have increased the bond amount.

“The problem is, the bail bonds policy that’s in place is supposed to take (a) citizen’s safety into account,” Philemon said.

Harris got out of Pasquotank Correctional Institute last summer after serving time for the murder conviction.

Philemon worries Harris’s case is being overlooked and that it’s not the only one.

“The magistrates, judges, they should be embarrassed,” Philemon said. “I think they’re really letting the general public down as far as that buffer of protection for safety.”

Judges and magistrates don't comment on open cases.

There are a number of factors taken into consideration when they allow bond, and the public doesn't see exactly what they have in front of them at the time.

Public safety is among those factors.

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