Elderly woman suing Charlotte nursing home after unreported injury

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — An elderly woman claims she spent 10 days in agony after a fall at a south Charlotte nursing home.

Channel 9 just uncovered a lawsuit saying that the woman, Avis Brown, suffered a broken hip and needed surgery.

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When she was admitted to the nursing home, her family made sure that the home knew she was at risk for falls.

Brown was such a fall risk that she had alarms on her wheelchair if she got up.

According to a lawsuit filed against the Golden Living Center last week, in 2014, she did get up, with no response from the staff.

The lawsuit states that she called for an attendant to assist in using the bathroom but got no response.

She said she got up on her own and slipped, resulting in serious injury.

“She was complaining for 10 days. She was complaining about pain constantly for 10 days,” Brown’s attorney Morris McAdoo said.

After 10 days, according to the suit, she finally got an X-ray and it turns out she had a broken hip.

The suit claims staffing failures are to blame.

“You have to have adequate staff when she needs that assistance. And we're saying that didn't happen in this instance,” McAdoo said.

Channel 9 anchor John Paul went to the Golden Living Center to get some answers.

It turns out the Golden Living Center is no longer affiliated with the address; they sold their space in the building back in June.

The building administrator said they have nothing to do with this lawsuit.

John Paul then called the center’s headquarters in Texas.

The call was sent to voicemail.

McAdoo said the family wants a jury trial but hasn't gotten a response to the lawsuit.

In the meantime, his client moved to New York to be cared for by family.

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