6-week-old poodle rescued after falling into Ballantyne sewer pipe

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Firefighters and emergency personnel worked together Thursday morning to free a puppy that was stuck after falling into a sewer pipe in Ballantyne.

Emergency crews were called around 7 a.m. to the 9900 block of Evergreen Terrace Drive near Marvin and Ardrey Kell roads after being told the 6-week-old toy poodle, named "MJ" (Monet Junior), was stuck in the sewer.

Family members told Channel 9 the puppy fell through a 6-inch hole in their front lawn, which led into the middle of the street. They tried to throw the dog treats to keep it calm.

Firefighters said the puppy had fallen about six feet down the pipe.

Charlotte Water workers were called to the scene to help firefighters, who had to dig a hole in hopes of reaching the puppy.

“I knew they'd get her out,” neighbor Carol Willis said. “I knew they'd get her out.”

Charlotte Water crews used a backhoe to dig up the road in order to reach the puppy. They also shut off water to the neighborhood.

Crews also ran oxygen to the animal and a hazmat team used a camera to track the puppy inside the pipe. They said MJ was very active in the pipe.

“(We were) concentrating on not scaring the dog, making (her) not go further down the pipeline,” Scottie Mobley, with Charlotte Water, said. “Yes, that was the most challenging thing.”

Just before 10 a.m., crews were able to rescue MJ from the pipe and reunite him with his owners.

MJ’s owners said they’re grateful for everyone’s help and said they plan to take her to the vet.

“She seems like she’s fine but just to be sure,” owner Brian Thomas said. “She’s just really cold and scared. It’s been a two-hour ordeal.”

The city said they're using money from a maintenance fund to make repairs to the road.

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