Here’s why some streetlights across Charlotte are turning purple

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Neighbors in east Charlotte have been scratching their heads for days over purple-colored streetlights.

On Twitter, Rémy Thurston reached out to reporter Joe Bruno to find out why a light he encountered had a purple hue, and within an hour Joe had the answer.

Joe reached out to Duke Energy and found out that a defect in the LED light is causing some to transition from a white-color to purple over time.

Channel 9 saw the purple lights Tuesday morning along Shamrock Drive and Winedale Lane.

Duke Energy said thousands of these lights are installed across the state.

There’s no safety issue, but crews are working to make repairs. Meanwhile, Duke is asking customers who see a purple light to report it to them so they can change the light.

To report a purple light to Duke Energy, click here.