Hickory church sells Christmas trees to help families during holiday season

HICKORY, N.C. — A church in Catawba County is raising money for families this holiday season by getting involved in the Christmas tree business.

Lifepoint Church in Hickory said it’s hoping to sell more than 100 trees over the next few weeks.

Channel 9′s Dave Faherty spoke with members of the congregation as they continue to work hard at getting the trees ready.

Faherty said a U-Haul filled with Christmas trees arrived at the church Monday afternoon.

Pastor Matthew Prince told Channel 9 that the congregation hopes to raise $20,000 in order to help others.

“To improve the lives of people in our community and around the world, who again are facing challenging times that some of us who are blessed can help to give back to them,” said Prince.

Prince said the proceeds from the sales will be split evenly between area families and families in Cambodia, whom he says struggle to get clean drinking water, food and education.

So far, nearly 100 members of the congregation have volunteered to help with the sales, including Tammy Robinson, whose shift begins Friday.

“Buy a tree here and help people,” said Robinson. “Help other kids; a lot of people need it.”

The church said donations allowed it to buy 120 trees that growers pitched in at a discounted rate.

Rodney Pugh told Channel 9 that he’s happy to spend the holidays improving the lives of families he doesn’t know.

“This is the perfect opportunity to show them, ‘Hey, let’s give you a little joy, but at the same time let’s help other people,’” said Pugh. “Let’s help people in our community and people overseas who need our help as well.”

The church said they will be open every day of the week starting Friday morning. Prince said Santa Claus plans on stopping by a few times over the next couple of weeks.

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