Homebuilder Constructing Up’s license suspended in South Carolina

A homebuilder that Action 9′s been investigating since last fall is no longer allowed to operate in South Carolina.

The state licensing board issued an order of temporary suspension Wednesday for Constructing Up.

At least four families complained to Action 9 investigator Jason Stoogenke that they were hoping for their dream homes in York County.

The families sued the company, the owner, or both.

They say they put down anywhere from $88,000 to $150,000 and that the builder did none or only some of the work.


South Carolina’s board is not giving details about the temporary license suspension, such as a timeline or what it means for current projects.

In North Carolina, the licensing board already investigated and decided it rises to the level of a hearing.

Stoogenke found out Wednesday afternoon that Constructing Up offered to settle the case, but the board won’t be able to consider the offer until its January meeting.

Constructing Up’s lawyer emailed me a statement in the past and said to use it for any follow-up reports.

“Constructing Up cannot comment about active litigation other than to say that each case is different and Constructing Up is working toward resolving all outstanding disputes,” the attorney said. “Constructing Up continues to put people in their homes by finishing and closing houses with a commitment to its customers.”