• 3 Hough High School students charged with bullying student

    By: Paige Hansen


    CORNELIUS, N.C. - Three Hough High School students are out of jail after being arrested for something they posted online about a fellow student, according to Cornelius police. 

    LINK: CMS policy on bullying
    A Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools district spokeswoman said the three students arrested last week were disciplined according to the CMS Code of Student Conduct. 
    The photo that got the students in trouble was posted while they were at school, according to Cornelius police. 
    The students charged are Noah Hatfield, Colby Moore and Cameron Sherrill.  Police said they were arrested last week after turning themselves in. 
    Each 17-year-old is charged with one misdemeanor count of bullying and harassing behavior.
    "People just think that they can do whatever they want because it's the Internet and nobody is watching them," Nicholas LeClere, a Hough High School sophomore, said Tuesday. 
    But the alleged victim, also a Hough High student, reported the incident to a school resource officer who also works with Cornelius police.
    Authorities said the photo of the 18-year-old student posted online was not explicit but made fun of the victim's body shape.
    "I feel totally out of control. I feel like I can't do anything about it," said Heather Smith, a parent. 
    Smith said her son has been bullied online and she wants all social media to be blocked at school.
    The school district said it blocks many sites from school and office campuses but students said those intended safeguards are easy to get around.
    "There are certain apps you can download that can deceive the websites that are blocked and go right through the security and access certain sites," said Jared Smith, a Hough High student.
    Parents told Eyewitness News Tuesday they have to be social-media-savvy to keep up with their children.
    "You have to get on there. You have to talk to them constantly," Jonette Harper, a parent said. "You have to ask and then you have to look even when they don't think you're looking."
    CMS officials would not say how the accused students were punished but several Hough High students told Eyewitness News they were back at school Tuesday.

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