• Loose road markers that plagued I-77, now on I-485

    By: Joe Bruno


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A travel expert said he has seen metal pave markers scattered along Interstate 485, and this comes after Channel 9 has reported the same problem on Interstate 77.

    The markers are designed to hold reflectors in place when snowplows drive over them, but they are becoming loose on Charlotte highways and turning the safety device into a safety hazard.

    They weigh about 10 pounds each.

    Nick Brown is the owner of Charlotte Hero Roadside Assistance and sent reporter Joe Bruno photos of the markers.

    “When they are starting to come loose, and causing damage, and potentially injury to vehicles, that's a concern,” Brown said.

    Two drivers struck raised pavement markers on I-485 near Exit 23 and the markers caused damage to one vehicle, he said.

    It's a troubling discovery previously thought to be limited to I-77.

    Last month. Channel 9 found dozens of loose markers on the side of I-77 in the toll lane zone. Since then, the state has removed more than 7,000 markers from that 26-mile stretch.

    A North Carolina Department of Transportation spokesperson said she wasn't aware this was an issue on I-485.

    Brown said transportation leaders need a plan to remove them all the loose markers before someone gets seriously hurt.

    “Every single one is a potential injury,” Brown said.

    NCDOT officials are now investigating the loose markers on I-485.

    Brown hopes they will come up with a plan to remove them. 

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