'People have to step up’: Panthers owner David Tepper has given $22M in COVID-19 aid

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Panthers owner David Tepper is pushing fellow billionaires to do more in the fight against the coronavirus.

In an interview with Forbes, he said the pandemic is a disaster different than any we’ve seen before.

He used the comparison to a hurricane, saying after a storm, people are usually back to work and the rebuilding can start. But with COVID-19, people are losing their ability to make money, and there is no certain end period.

Tepper has already given $22 million in aid.

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He called on other wealthy people to do more to help, saying: “I think in general, in times of need, people have to step up if they have the ability to step up. Period.”

He told the magazine his two biggest concerns are food distribution and getting cash to those who need it.

Tepper didn’t say how much more he’d donate but said it could be significantly more.