• Police: 14-year-old shoots, kills intruder in southeast Mecklenburg Co.

    By: Mark Becker


    MECKLENBURG COUNTY, N.C. - Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said the second man involved in a home break-in that turned deadly near the Charlotte/Mint Hill border has been arrested. Another suspected intruder was killed when a 14-year-old inside the house shot and killed him Tuesday night.

    IMAGES: Police sources say intruder shot, killed in home break-in

    Channel 9 was the first to report the story on Twitter.

    The two intruders, who police identified as 18-year-old Isai Delcid and his 22-year-old brother Carlos Delcid, attempted to break into the home on Rolling Fields Lane just after 5 p.m., according to investigators. Isai was shot and died at the scene while police said Carlos fled.

    Officers arrested Carlos late Tuesday night and charged him with first-degree burglary.

    Police said a grandmother was at the home with her grandson at the time. According to officers, the grandson shot and killed Isai.

    CHOPPER 9: Police cars line neighborhood street

    The grandfather, George Wyant, told Channel 9 his 14-year-old grandson shot the intruder.

    "It’s not something you can be proud of. But, I’m happy the way it turned out. Because my wife is getting over an illness," Wyant said.

    Wyant said he heard about the break-in and shooting from a neighbor, and many neighbors are shocked.

    Wyant told Channel 9 that the suspects parked their car in the driveway, walked up the steps to his back porch and tried to get into his house through a back window. That's when he said his grandson came to the window and told them to stop. 

    "He was coming through the window and my grandson said, ‘Stop, I have a gun." -- grandfather George Wyant

    RAW: Grandfather speaks about 14-year-old grandson who shot, killed intruder

    Wyant said the suspect, Isai Delcid, wouldn't listen. He said that's when Isai broke through the window and his grandson started firing.

    Wyant said he left the gun in the home for protection. He said his grandson fired three shots from his Glock 380. At least one bullet hit and killed the 18-year-old.

    A bullet hole could be seen in the wood railing of the porch, highlighted by a police evidence marker.

    Officers said the intruder’s brother, Carlos, ran from the scene but police quickly tracked him down because of his electronic monitor.

    911 CALL: Grandmother calls 911 after grandson shoots, kills intruder

    Investigators said Carlos was already on probation for breaking into the same house twice in the past four months -- once in September and again in October.
    Wyant said he believes Carlos targeted his house after seeing his wife's prescription pills while performing duct work in the attic.

    "I got a look at the duct in the bathroom and she came in too. They had taken all of her medicine," he said.

    Police had used fingerprints to identify Delcid as the suspect in a second break-in at the home in October.

    Prosecutors later dismissed the charge, but were going ahead with a case charging Delcid in a break in just 12 days later. Delcid was out on bond and wearing an electronic monitor when police said he and his brother tried to break into the Wyants’ home again.

    Eyewitness News went to Delcid’s apartment but no one answered the door Wednesday afternoon.
    A woman who answered the door at his parents’ home said they did not want to comment on the case.

    Wyant said he has taken his grandson to the shooting range to teach him how to use a gun, but he’s still surprised by his quick actions Tuesday night.

    Wyant said his grandson was protecting his grandmother, who can barely get around, and he said he's grateful his grandson knew where the gun was and that he and his wife are OK.

    "What would have happened if he didn't have it, if I didn't go out and get it?” Wyant asked.

    Family: Father of 14-year-old who shot intruder murdered at business

    A community is rallying around a Mint Hill family that has repeatedly been the victim of violent crime.

    In April 2008, Gregorio "Greg" Hernandez was murdered by two men outside of his Mint Hill automotive shop.

    Family members told Channel 9 that in the years since, they taught his two eldest sons how to use and shoot guns, worried that violence would strike again.

    "It was just tragic, tragic -- a young man with four kids," said George Wyant, Hernandez's father-in-law.

    Police said that in 2011, Hernandez's eldest son brought two loaded handguns onto a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools bus and briefly attempted to hijack the bus before peacefully surrendering.

    At the time, the boy's family told Eyewitness News the incident was brought on by the trauma of his father's murder.

    Through counseling and time, the Hernandez family slowly healed -- until Tuesday night, when two men tried to break into Wyant's home while Hernandez's three youngest sons were there with their grandmother, police said.

    "We've been through it once before. Now we are through it again," Wyant said.

    Investigators said Hernandez's 14-year-old son shot and killed one of the intruders during the attempted robbery.

    "I just mainly felt sympathy for the family. They've been through so much over the past few years," said David Coffey, a friend of the family.

    Coffey worked with Hernandez and said he still remembers seeing the ambulances outside Greg's Automotive Shop the night of Hernandez's murder.

    Coffey said it was hard to understand when he heard the news Tuesday night that the family had fallen victim to violence once again.
    "Especially when there's children. Losing their father, as young as they are, and then going through this. it's a bad situation," Coffey said.

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