Scammers try to get unemployment money from government

CHARLOTTE — Sara Pless own a small vehicle-hauling company in Cabarrus County and told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke that she did not expect two letters mailed from the state.

“A request for separation information from two people I’ve never heard of, strangers,” Pless said. “I have never met these people. They have never been employed by our company. They say that we had a decrease in work because of COVID back in March, and they were let go.”

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Pless said it was a scam.

“It makes me very mad and sad because there are people out here who are hurting and need this benefit,” she said. “I don’t want them wasting this money on funds that could go to people who are in need and need it.”

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Pless reported the fraud to the state.

She said it took a while, but she eventually got through and set the record straight.

If someone tries to get unemployment benefits in your name, it means someone stole your identity.

Follow these instructions:

  • Notify your boss and the state.
  • Freeze your credit
  • Keep a close eye on your bank accounts

That is an example of unemployment scams currently happening in North Carolina. Con artists will lie about who they are or where they worked to get the state to cut them a check that isn’t theirs. The Federal Trade Commission sent a warning about the scams that are going around.

A few weeks ago, the state Department of Justice’s top consumer protection lawyer testified about the issue on Capitol Hill.