Veterinarians report uptick in respiratory disease in dogs across Charlotte area

CHARLOTTE — Local veterinarians are reporting a rise in respiratory disease among dogs across Charlotte.

Some of those cases are becoming severe. Channel 9 spoke with Charlotte Animal Referral, who says they are seeing about a patient a day. There has been at least one or two more dogs in the hospital at all times for the disease over the last couple of months.

The disease starts as Kennel Cough, but progresses in some dogs. The disease is coming from places where dogs have been in social settings, according to Dr. Kelly Lang.

“A lot of people are socializing their dogs more, daycares, grooming boarding. It seems a lot of these cases are coming from places where dogs have been socialized,” Lang said.

If you notice your pet showing signs of respiratory illness, such as cough, you should call your local veterinarian.

To prevent spread, you should keep your dog away from other dogs when able, officials say.

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