Video shows man’s confrontation with gate agent at Charlotte airport

CHARLOTTE — A man was caught on camera on June 28 arguing with an American Airlines gate agent who wouldn’t let him on a flight because he was reportedly drunk.

Video of the confrontation was captured outside Gate E-27 at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

The passenger, identified as Jason Greenland, told police that he had been stuck at the airport for 24 hours and there was nothing to do but drink.

A manager for American Airlines told police that he was not going to let Greenland fly due to his aggression to the flight crew. When he refused to leave, police arrested Greenland and charged him with disorderly conduct, resisting a public officer and trespassing.

The charges were later dismissed “in the interest of justice” because prosecutors said there is a backlog created by COVID-19 and they would need court time to prosecute more serious cases.

The decision to dismiss the charges did not sit well with the president of the union that represents airport workers.

“This just happened the other day,” union president Donielle Prophete said shortly after the incident. “How are the charges dismissed already? I’m angry.”

Prophete has been pushing for tougher penalties for passengers who confront or assault airline employees. She said the decision to drop the charges sends the wrong message.

“It’s sending the message that these passengers can come in this airport and do what they want us to do and treat us like their servants or something,” Prophete said. “We are not their servants. No. We are customer service agents and we are here to assist you, but you should not be putting your hands on us.”

Channel 9 learned on July 12 that a gate agent filed a simple assault charge against Greenland. A criminal summons has not been served, yet.

The Communications Workers of America’ issued a statement a little more than a week letter that calls on the FAA to “act swiftly and decisively to ensure that this passenger is held accountable for his actions.”

However, the FAA said it does not have jurisdiction in the terminal.

The union also stated that the FAA should ensure that “federal laws against physical and verbal assaults are properly enforced so that all airline employees and passengers are protected.”

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