• Woman leaves salon without paying for Botox treatment

    By: Jeff Smith


    HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. - Huntersville police are trying to identify a woman who walked out on a $1,500 bill from an upscale med spa Wednesday afternoon.

    The Valeria Salon took a picture of the woman before her Botox injections. Police are now studying that picture to see if they can identify her face.

    A woman who called herself Sarah Mancini made a Botox appointment, but then checked in under another name, Melissa Cummings.

    No one knows who she really is, but she walked away with nearly $1,500 worth of salon services and Botox.

    "I felt very violated. We've been almost nine years, and we've never had anyone do anything of this sort. We were shocked," said salon owner Geri Palillo.

    Palillo said she cut and colored the woman's hair Wednesday. The customer talked about having just moved to the area from Vancouver and showed cellphone pictures of her kids.

    "Very calm and very talkative, about personal things and family things," Palillo said.

    After the hair appointment, she went upstairs for a Botox appointment.

    But when it came time to pay, her phone rang, and she said it was an important call from her child.

    "She kind of did a brisk walk out the door and said, 'I'll be right back.' And she never came back," Palillo said.

    Palillo now thinks every word was a lie and suspects the woman has walked out on bills before.

    "I'm sure she's doing other things, maybe walking out on tabs at restaurants," she said.

    Palillo is now considering putting up a surveillance camera at the front desk.

    Eyewitness News isn't showing the woman's picture because it may be a part of a medical record

    The Valeria Salon plans to update its Facebook page to spread the word about what happened.

    The salon's owner said the woman has a large flower tattoo on her left shoulder and a tattoo down her back with Chinese symbols.

    Huntersville police said to give them a call if you can identify her.

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