Woman reports indecent exposure in Target dressing room

MATTHEWS, N.C. — A woman, who wishes to remain unidentified, said a man sporting a baseball hat and holding a six-pack of beer exposed himself to her in a unisex Target dressing room on Wednesday.

“When I came out, I noticed something to my left in the handicap dressing room, so I looked over and the door is standing wide open and this man is in there exposing himself," the woman said.

She said the man was staring in her direction, not uttering a word.

“I was just like, ‘I’ve got to get out of here,’ and took off running because I was like, ‘Does he have a weapon?’” the woman said.

She immediately told a Target employee and watched the man leave, but claims police were never called.

Officials from the Matthews Police Department told Channel 9 that there was no call for service to the Target where the incident took place.