Airline captain writes note to tooth fairy for South Carolina girl

LEXINGTON, S.C. — A 6-year-old South Carolina girl discovered that the friendly skies include successful pleas to the tooth fairy.

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Lena Larmon, of Lexington, was taking a nap as she and her family returned to Columbia via Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport on June 17, WLTX-TV reported. Her family was on the last leg of a flight that originated in Norway and had a 36-hour delay in New York City, ABC News reported.

The Larmon family reached the airport in Greer, South Carolina, at about 2 a.m. EDT, the network reported.

After she woke up, Lena noticed that one of her bottom teeth had fallen out.

“I was sleeping on the airplane. My mom woke me up … and we were going to go pick our suitcases up,” Lena told “Good Morning America.” And I said, ‘Mommy, Mommy, I think my tooth fell out.’”

She could not find the tooth on the plane, so she had nothing to leave behind for the tooth fairy. There goes a good payday, and the child was understandably upset.

Captain Josh Duchow, who piloted the United Express flight from New York to Greenville, offered to write a note to the tooth fairy to explain the situation.

“Dear tooth fairy, Lena had a tooth fall out on her flight to Greenville,” Duchow wrote. “Please take this note in place of her tooth.”

“I wouldn’t expect this from a stranger at 2 a.m. It was just such a nice thing, and just a kind thing to do,” Lena’s mother, Lauren Larmon, told WLTX. “So I guess the best part of this is that his mom has seen some of these articles, so, just to be able to share that with another mom and say you raised a really good human, we appreciate that.”

Lena put her note under her pillow and was rewarded with $6, the television station reported. She also received a note back from the tooth fairy.

“She said, ‘Lena, it is OK that you have lost your tooth on the airplane. I will get it. Keep brushing,’” Lena told “Good Morning America.”

“Thank you for not being mad at me,” Lena said in remarks directed to the tooth fairy. “And thank you for all my gifts when I lost my teeth. I love you.”

United Airlines could not resist getting in on the fun.

“To tell you the tooth, we’re fairy certain Captain Josh doubles as the Tooth Fairy’s secret accomplice,” United wrote in a post responding to Lauren Larmon’s Instagram post.

“In a world full of bad airline stories, @united came through.” Lena Larmon wrote on Instagram.

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