WATCH: Cam Newton gets stuffed at net playing beach volleyball

BALTIMORE, MD — Video of Carolina Panthers MVP quarterback playing beach volleyball in Baltimore and getting blocked at the net by a female player has gone viral on Instagram.

The video was posted by Instagram user Brandon Serfass and has been viewed nearly 40,000 times in two days.

The video shows Newton wearing bright orange shorts, jumping up to the net to spike the ball -- only to get blocked by a much shorter girl on the other side.

Newton was a good sport, and slapped the girl five and just shook his head among laughter from the crowd that had gathered.

“As I saw him reaching back,” volleyball player Larrissa Gunn said. “I said, ‘Here we go.’ I pushed it back over. Oh my gosh. That’s Cam Newton and I just blocked him.”

Newton and several of his Panthers' teammates, including Greg Olsen and Kelvin Benjamin, are in Baltimore for an Under Armour shoot and have crashed a coed beach volleyball league on Baltimore Beach twice this week, ESPN's David Newton reported.

Serfass told Channel 9 that two black Escalades pulled up, the players got out and Olsen asked it they could join. They set up a 6-on-6 game with three Panthers players on each side.

The Panthers will head to Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina, on July 27 for training camp.