• Toyota Service and routine car maintenance gets your car ready for the summer!


    One of the worst things to experience is getting behind the wheel of your car during the summer, turning it on, and only having hot air rush out. With summer just around the corner, and hot temperatures already on their way, it’s important for drivers to make sure their vehicle is up to the challenge of keeping everyone cool! 

    Routine car maintenance in Charlotte keeps the A/C system in prime condition!

    Just like other broken auto parts will give off warning signs when they need to be fixed, the air conditioning system in your car will do the same. If the A/C system in your vehicle has been acting differently, then you might want to bring it by our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte to give it some care before the summer heat arrives!

    • Sometimes a worn or broken compressor can be the cause of an A/C system not operating at tis best. When you bring your ride in for routine car maintenance in Charlotte, our Toyota techs can examine all the parts to make sure everything is operating properly!
    • Sometimes the refrigerant level has gotten too low. The good news is this can be a relatively easy fix – sometimes more refrigerant just needs to be added!
    • Other times the AC system might have leaks or cracks in it, which can make it difficult for the refrigerant to stay contained. 
    • Sometimes a system just needs to have the belts or hoses replaced in order for it to run properly. Some quick car maintenance in Charlotte can have it back up and running like it should be in no time! 

    What are the warning signs of a failing A/C system? 

    If you’re not sure how to tell when or if your vehicle’s A/C system needs some car maintenance in Charlotte, there are some key warning signs that can clue you in. 

    Weak airflow

    If the air isn’t blowing out of the A/C system as strongly as it should, this could be a warning sign that the air conditioning unit has a hose that’s come loose, or some mildew has built up in the system. Another possible cause is the ventilation fan has burnt out; no matter the reason is, it’s important to make sure it gets fixed so that everyone can stay cool! 

    Warm air

    Speaking of staying cool, that’s hard to do if no cold air is actually being produced. Issues like vacuum leaks, clogged tubes, or a part from the compressor failing can all lead to the air conditioning not providing any kind of relief. Simple car maintenance in Charlotte can get back to working order in no time, though! 


    If the A/C unit in your vehicle seems to be running like it should and also deliver the relief of cold air that you’re looking for, there’s one more warning sign that you should pay attention to: how does the air smell? If something smells differently or a little bit off, then this could be a sign that a filter needs to be changed or that some mold needs to cleaned out. 

    No matter what the problem is, our Toyota techs are up to the challenge of figuring it out so that your car’s A/C system can be more than ready for this summer’s adventures! Call our Service Department to schedule an appointment at (888) 378-1214!



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