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    You know as well as we do that in order to give your car a long life and get a great performance out of it on a 24/7 basis, you need to take care of your routine auto service in Charlotte. Even then, you sometimes have to go a little above and beyond, taking care of issues that might arise in between schedule maintenance visits. One important aspect of car service that people often overlook is maintaining their car fluids! 

    Why should you include car fluids in your Charlotte auto service routine? 

    Why is maintaining your car fluids so important? First of all, performance. At our Charlotte Toyota Service Center we know that keeping your car’s fluids full and clean will have a major impact on performance and life span. Why wouldn’t you want to ensure you get the best of both? We can check and maintain car fluids for you when you come in for auto service, but you should also know how to do it yourself in case you ever get stuck in a situation where you can’t reach us! 

    Transmission fluid: This is an especially important car fluid to address when it comes to auto service in Charlotte. In order to check it, you’ll take step similar to how you might check your oil. The transmission fluid dipstick is right behind the oil dipstick; pull it out and check the level and clarity. If the level is too low you might have a leak, so schedule auto service in Charlotte to take care of it. If the fluid looks dirty, when you need a change! 

    Coolant: Coolant is key when it comes to your car’s performance, especially when you get extreme temperatures outside. You can check your coolant by locating the plastic container in the middle of the engine compartment. However, before you do anything make sure your car is OFF and cooled down so you avoid any possible injuries. Visually check the fluid level to make sure it’s full! And don’t forget, our Charlotte Toyota Service Center can help you check if you’re unsure!

    Oil change: Oil changes in Charlotte are essential to performance – without proper levels of clean oil, you run the risk of an engine failure. Talk about pricey! You can check your car’s oil by pulling out the dipstick and checking both the level and the color of the oil. It should be light brown; if it looks dark or black then it’s dirty and you need a change. If it looks low, you can try adding oil yourself but make sure it’s the proper amount! We can help you with this auto service at our dealership! 

    Schedule your auto service appointment today! 

    Have more questions about how you can maintain your car fluids, or need to schedule an auto service appointment at our Charlotte Toyota Service Center? Let us help you keep your car in excellent shape – give us a call today at (888) 378-1214 and make your appointment. Don’t forget to ask about our service specials to help you save big! 

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