• Stay on top of engine and car maintenance in Charlotte!


    Most drivers want their vehicle to last as long as possible. Whether your plan is to drive it until it reaches the end of its rope, or eventually trade it in for another car, you definitely want to make sure it offers prime performance so that you can enjoy getting behind the wheel while you drive it! 

    Keeping up with routine car maintenance in Charlotte is one way you can help your ride deliver the best performance possible at all times. Do you know what kind of regular auto repairs your vehicle needs, though? Most car owners know that oil changes are important to keep up with, but that’s not the only kind of regular service that should be given. Making sure your car’s engine is in prime condition is one part of car maintenance that’s easy to overlook, but important to remember! Find out what you need to do to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape while you drive it around. 

    Keep up with your car’s engine maintenance at our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte!

    Whenever you see a dashboard warning light flash, you don’t want ignore it – especially if it’s the check engine light! The best thing to do in this scenario is to visit our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte for some car maintenance, and to make sure everything is in order. While the warning light lets you know that something isn’t right, there are numerous issues that could be causing the light to flash and lead to engine failure, like: 

    • Wet engine
    • Blown gasket head
    • Clogged fuel filter
    • Defective fuel pump
    • Worn or damaged spark plugs and wires
    • Dead battery
    • Loose battery cables
    • Coolant leak/low coolant levels
    • Cracked radiator hose

    These are only a sample of different issues that can lead to engine failure, which is why it’s important to check out your car’s engine and give it regular service along with other standard car maintenance in Charlotte!

    Toyota of N Charlotte can help prevent engine failure

    Helping prevent engine failure really isn’t that complicated. By following a few simple steps, drivers are able to give their vehicles the care they need and help the engine stay in great condition! 

    Keep up with oil changes

    The importance of oil changes really can’t be underrated. Oil helps keep the engine lubricated and protect it from dirt and debris. Without this fluid, the engine and its part can’t stay properly greased, which can lead to malfunctions!

    Take care of the oil cooling system

    Did you know that the cooling system plays an important role when it comes to engine care? It helps keep the vehicle from overheating! That’s why it’s so important to check the coolant fluid level and make it sure it’s at the proper level on a regular basis when you schedule any kind of car maintenance in Charlotte. 

    Don’t ignore warning signs

    This has already been mentioned, but it’s important to remember! If you notice any kind of problem with your vehicle (whether it’s running differently or a warning light comes on), you don’t want to put off getting it taken care of! This can lead to more expensive problems and bigger fixes down the line. 

    Not sure if you the last time you had car maintenance in Charlotte the engine was checked out too? Not a problem – bring your ride by so that our trained Toyota techs can examine it today! You can make an appointment by contacting our Service Department at (888) 378-1214! 


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